Associate Dean Bradley Bloom
University of Michigan, School of Music
April 24, 2005

Expressive Conducting is an extensive and technologically unique resource for the student of conducting that demonstrates fundamental and advanced gestures so that the learner may study and practice more productively outside of the classroom or rehearsal hall. It is the first resource of which I am aware that provides instant visual content of conducting gestures that is not normally available unless the student is in the classroom. What an advantage!

Whether or not one agrees with the technical approach in the visual screens of the software is not the point. This resource provides enough flexibility so that the student will acquire a general knowledge of the technique of conducting and at the same time allow the classroom instructor, whether instrumental or choral, to refine those gestures with their own personal approaches.

Most instructors of conducting have faced the impossible task of selecting the perfect text for a subject of this type. "Expressive Conducting" will not satisfy all needs, but the advantages by far outweigh the disadvantages. The score resources are worth the price of the program by themselves and the ability to download the individual vocal and instrumental parts in a Finale file makes the task of providing exercises exceedingly simple.

I hope that many schools will take a look at and use this multimedia resource and see that this is a positive step for the instruction of conducting in our increasingly technology based system of education.